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Free the Prisoners  Free the Plant Free the Planet!!!

Thanks for a successful Launch Party last night √ out a clip from the event


Hemp Hemp Hooray!

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Free The 420 POWs

All supporters will be ticketed for ReLeaf events & included in all future PR and videos- unless you wish to stay anonymous 

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Signed 3D Bud Kaleido ART
Give away !

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3D Bud Kaleido by Jeff Eichen ©2023 Prints available now 360-774-2235

Building a Better Future

G4live Images  Day One

G4live Images  Day Two

G4live Images  Day Three

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Get to Know Us

Fostering the Lives of Individuals Since the 1980s

As one of the leading Reform Arts Foundations in the 420 Space, Rawmaste™ Productions & ReLeaf Foundation have been at the forefront of making a difference in the community since the 1980's. We support creative thinkers who want to create a lasting change by addressing the causes of our greatest challenges. Your generous contribution can help to foster the lives of these individuals — and assist them in reaching their fullest potential and Freedom. Let's END PROHIBITION together. Your sponsorships & generosity will be felt throughout the 420 lifers families and themselves.

 Hemp Hemp Hooray!

Seed $ Ask

Actually bringing our 420POWs home

Now come on, we are still replaying "Reefer Madness" Marijuana essentially became illegal in 1937 pursuant to the Marijuana Tax Act spearheaded by Harry J. Anslinger. The use of marijuana required the payment of a tax for usage; failure to pay the tax resulted in a large fine or stiff prison time for tax evasion. Drug prohibition was elevated to another level by targeting 'marijuana,' a plant that had never demonstrated any harm to anyone. By 1952, nearly all states had anti-narcotic laws in place. This snowballed Globally also... 


Rawmaste® Productions and the ReLeaf Foundation with Director Jeff Eichen is raising funds and awareness thru film, social media and public outings, in a big Dream-Way.

"My Dream-Way is to have HWY 420 an open and free road once again in my lifetime. Cannabis is safer than Alcohol. Please consume responsibly!!!"

Let's END Prohibition together NOW!

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"My Dream is to
"END Prohibition in my Lifetime"

Make My Day & support The Rawmaste® ReLeaf fund and assist a 420POW & their restitution gift from you and all of our shared freedom. Oh and to honor them a Plant prisoners freed and share our wealth with their families

A number of clemency advocates privately met with President JOE BIDEN’s new pardon attorney last week, a rare occurrence that left them cautiously optimistic about forthcoming changes to a strained system. Weldon Angelos & Amy Povah met with Biden's new with the pardon attorney, ELIZABETH OYER

Let's Change the way we  celebrate our  generosity thru social Justice in a FUN-way. We will be having a Celebrity Golf Outing & NFT ticketed event with a Pre-Dinner and NFT Art Auction on 4/20 Weekend 2023.
With 18 Hole, Tee and Ball Sponsors to kick off our social ReLeaf fund raiser for the Newly freed and yet to be 420POWs and their deserved families.

In the Press

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Art Gallery

Jeff Eichen's
Calendar of Projects and Events

Coming Soon

Jeff Eichen's
NFT Bud Drop
With Dank Utilities

 NFT/ Fundraiser Frisbee Golf
This Summer TBA
Retreat in WA State at "The Big Barn Farm"
Bands, Food, 420 & Fun!

Celeb Golf Outing and NFT Auction/ Fundraiser for the
 420POWs & their families
Coming in 2023

Only 18 Hole + Tee Sponsors available- We invite you to join us and become a Sponsor

Rawmaste® Productions & Goods Welcomes You

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Free the prisoners
Free the Plant 

Free the Planet

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No body deserves to be in prison for a Plant

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